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"Love The Product, It is Awesome, Just What It Is Said To Be. The Small Business Owner Is Truly A Delight To Work With. Her Customer Service Is Excellent And My Overall Opinion Is That I Will Be A Repeat"


Customer. M. T.

"I am thrilled with my lipstick order! The lipstick feels like butter, it's not sticky at all and it stays! I love the beautiful touches to the mailing and how quickly I received it."


"This dog on lipstick from Legacy Glam Cosmetics. The color is called Xtra. It just makes you wanna do the most. It's a orangish, burnt orange. I had this lipstick on for hours. I ate, drank water from a water bottle it's still on my lips. My lips ain't dry. This is legit my favorite."


"I had this lipstick on all day from 10:00 this morning it is 7:32 pm. I ate, drank, done all that. I'm about get some dessert and it's gonna still be on my lips. You really should just go get you one." 


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